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Welcome to Section 3 online.

  1. Please sign up for an account.  
  2. Upload images into galleries.  
  3. Talk in the forums.  
  4. Give us your ideas for next year.  
  5. We are working on making a place for videos.  

Accounts are free but becoming part of Section 3 isn't.  But all you need is a shirt ($10 bucks (The cheepest thing at the races) that you get at the Reno Air Races.  Just find Bob, buy a shirt, and if you want buy a button, Area 51 pass, Ear Rings, and what ever else Bob had brought that year.

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Up-to-date info on Facebook

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It was a great year!!!!

We were so HAPPY to be back at the races!!!   Glad to see everyone and had a ton of fun.

I will be working on uploading photos here soon.  Please add as many as you can.



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Our thoughts and prayers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who passed on and those that are injured. May God bless them all.

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In the stands

we are in the stands watching the races!

Come find Bob to get your shirt! Also ask about the tattoos

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Getting ready to fly!

I'm just finishing packing and will be flying to Reno tonight to meet up with Bob and Barb Lewis.  

If you see Bob today remind him to pick me up. Wink

Can't wait to see everyone!  Cool

ABC wants Sec 3 people

Reno Air Race Association

Hey Section 3! Are you ready for this week? We sure are! And we'd love to get some of you on the news. So please contact Tara (information listed on our For Media page on our website) if you are interested. The more of you, the better! We want to see orange!

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Section 3 Group Photo

We need a group photo for Section 3.  

If you have a good one please upload it to the Group Photo image Gallery

Then vote on the one you like best.  Cool

I will wait as long as I can before sending it off but I will need you to upload and vote ASAP.


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Jon Sharp-Nemesis

For all you who do not know, Jon Sharp has retired !!! Cry  He will be so missed at the Races !!

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