2010 Races

Who will be at the Races this Year ? I will be there Friday about noon. will walk the pits and set a while in Section 3 and Sunday will be there mose of the Day !

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Please use the contact us

Please use the contact us link and we will find the best one we can.

Jeff Fillmore

i need a picture of the whole group please karen

picture please of the whole group


Hi from Atlanta Steve

Had such a great time in Section 3 this year - my first year sitting in the section even though I 'bought' in in '07. What a blast to meet folks and have a great time - even in the winds.

Safe travels and see y'all next year!

--Steve from Atlanta

Hidy Ho

Just joined the page despite having been a Section 3 for years...   Now it is official.

What a great group in Section 3!

Hi Section 3 Folks!

Everyone in Section 3 - Thank you for being so welcoming!  I haven't been to the Air Races in 30 years and when my friend & I came on Weds., with our complimentary tickets, we sat at the top of Section 3.  People couldn't have been nicer!  Our new "orange shirted friends" explained (with lots of humor) how the air races worked.  People were curious about us, since we are Renoites, and we were equally curious about the special group that gathers in Section 3.  With that, I returned on Friday, bought an orange shirt and had another fantastic day!  Oh...the races were great too!  I look forward to the 2011 Air Races!  Thank you Chris, Dave, Duck, Bob, Bill, ladies from Kansas, Indiana, & locals! Section 3 makes it easy to enjoy all that is great at the Reno Air Races!  KH


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I will be there Thursday with Bob, Barb, and Mel

I will be there Thursday with Bob, Barb, and Mel

Jeff Fillmore