2011 Races

It's June ,It's HOT! . I'm ready for some cooler weather and September to get here . Lets Go Racin' Boys ! Who else is going to be there?

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Looking for group pictures I took; Can'twait to get there next w

Hello again, sorry  haven't been in touch all year;I've been busy like most people trying not to loose my home. And I've had some things taking my time. About 1 month after I got home from Reno  in 2010 this idiot t-boned me in my car  on my drivers side & I was driving..:-( & I've had to go through therapy ever since; so I don't know how much walking & stuff I'll be able to do when I get there..:-(  I'm just glad to be able to come; I just can't get there from Los Angelas on the opening day :-(..... Can't wait to see everyone; & I'm bring some orange shirts thay I'd like to find out if I can get "the Section 3 logo "on them.Please let me know & how much, ok$$$ Thanks

 P.s. i'm still lookng for last years pics, I thought my friend downloaded on a disk; but can't find them yet...I'll keep looking!

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You will need to get in

You will need to get in contact with Bob Lewis about the shirts.  Use the contact us link and I will give you his email address.

Jeff Fillmore

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WOW !!!! Patriots jet team coming to reno this year..oh yeaaaaa

The Patriot's Jet Team is soooooo good, that is the best show me and Marty have ever seen !!!  Very exciting, fast and a very unpredictable show !!!  Welcome to Reno boys !!!!!!

sandy Porter and marty hernandez

The Patriots Jet Team

So did u all hear The Patriots Jet Team is coming this year?  Check out their schedule at their website...


Very C - 0 - 0 - L !!!

Rookie Week was fantastic this year, like a whole mini air race.  Went on for about 10 days with the IMAX people back to get a few more helicopter shots. 

See ya all in September.