Chris Dallman

Hi, Chris Dallman here.  Robert Shellabarger and I sit at the top next to Stan.  Thanks to Jeff for getting this site together.  I found it by accident so I will try and spread the word among my friends that the website is up.  Is there a section on how to post pics, file size limitations, crazy rules about showing female mammary glands...etc? 


Hey Chris, how do I get to

Hey Chris, how do I get to sit with you on the top row?

Ken Boucher

King Kon

Anyone heard from King Kon lately.  I tried to call him yesterday and the phone # is no longer active...  Bill

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Been 4 long yrs

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I just updated the picture galleries to be able to hand uploads up to 10MB.  This should be enough more 99% of all digital cameras out there.  There is a link at the top of the page to get to the image galleries or you can get to them from the front page.

The only rule is that we would like pictures to be of Section 3 or Section 3 related stuff.  No hardcore porn or a picture of you butt. Thanks ;) 

Jeff Fillmore

I have joined the group

Hi Chris, Robert Shellabarger here (Midnight Mover) I have joined the groupCool

So Chris, does that mean were

So Chris, does that mean were not sitting together anymore?

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I'm here to

Bryan's here too, I posted some pics on the first of the month so enjoy.