Hello!  I have been trying to find a facebook page for Section 3.  In posting a comment to the Reno Air Races facebook page, I received a contact message from someone who states he is racing a jet this year and wants to put the Section 3 logo on his jet.  Whom would he contact to get this logo?  I know it is getting close to time for the races, but thought I would still try and help him out.  Can't wait for the 2011 races.  Love being in Section 3 - great great great group of people.

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Cool I SMELL WEINEE'S AND JET FUEL !!!!!!!!! .....THE AIR RACES ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.....Marty and Sandy from Section 3 or leaving for Reno Sept. 9th AND WILL BE THERE FOR 10 nites  !!!  See ya at the races and the GSR !!!!    Laughing

sandy Porter and marty hernandez

Jeff would you be willing to

Jeff would you be willing to start a Facebook page for Section 3 ? Your much closer to Bob as a crow flies than me .and would be in the know much better .  Plus I'm just an OLd FArt but would love to see a Section 3 page there.

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Not currently 

Not currently Cry

Jeff Fillmore


Is there a Facebook Page for Sec. 3 ?


I have emailed the jet plane owner and gave him your suggestion.  Thanks!Laughing

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You would want to talk to Bob

You would want to talk to Bob Lewis.   Normally, Section 3 doesn't support one Plane over another.   We like to support all Planes. Cool  Individuals in Section 3 support who ever they like. Wink

Send me an email through the contact us link at the top of the page and I will give you Bob's email address. Smile

Jeff Fillmore

make a wish

i need a good picture of the whole group and the logo for section 3

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Please use the contact us

Please use the contact us link and we will find the best one we can.

Jeff Fillmore