FULL THROTTLE - Reno Air Races Today... The Coffee Table Book... Special Offer for Section 3 Members

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My Name is Gerhard Schmid, Author, Photographer and Editor of the Book FULL THROTTLE - Reno Air Races Today.

Beside my work at tha pylons and in the pits I have decided to enjoy the 2010 races on the grandstands - in the middle of Your Section 3. It was a great and really exciting experience. Now I would like to say thank You with a very special offer. Members of Section 3 will get the FULL THROTTLE book for only $30,-. If You are ordering together with friends You can get an additional discount: 5 or more copies in one order are $25 per copy.

Don't remember the book? Take a look at www.full-throttle-book.com . If You have any questions - feel free to contact me at gerhard@airventure.de

Best wishes to all Section 3 Members

Gerhard Schmid

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Thanks for the offer!

Thanks for the offer!Laughing

Jeff Fillmore