Our thoughts and prayers.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who passed on and those that are injured. May God bless them all.


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Bob, Jeff or Melanie !!! Sandy and Marty here !!!

My U-2 pilot friends ( 4 ) want Section 3 shirts, they will in exchange give us personalized U-2 patches.  They just flew a flag in my name and I was presented with official documentation with their names on it..total surprised me !!!...the must REALLY want a section 3 shirt..lol   please contact me at 661 674-6624 ( text or call ) or via email ontherox59@aol.com or on facebook under sandy porter ( mckenna ) asap....one of my U-2 tech. friends just told me today he has kidney cancer and is going in for surgery and he also wants one to wear next yr if he survives at the reno air races.

hope all is going well with you, miss you,

Sandy and Marty...section 3 

sandy Porter and marty hernandez

Thankful for Section 3!

Hello Section 3, I wanted to let you know that the McDonald Racer #37 pilot John Zayac and crew were thinking of you all during this horrible accident and was glad to stumble upon your website here, letting us know that your team’s location was not devastated by this horrible accident.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this accident.  Our race team is passionate about, and honored to, compete in the National Championship Air Races (T-6 Gold) annually and it’s race and aviation fans like Section 3 that make all of this possible.  Please know that our thoughts are with your team as well and that we appreciate your support and hope to see you in future races to come!


Take Care,

McDonald Racer #37 Team


This was my first official year in Section 3. What a WONDERFUL day; that is, until about 1630.....I tried to grasp the scope of this tragedy, comforted a distraught fellow Section 3-er, made a few phone calls, purged my own emotion, & then headed off to see where I may be needed (I'm an RN).
The response from the medical community was overwhelming and sincere. I presented myself to help with walking wounded, as the more severely injured had already been swiftly transported to area hospitals. There were dozens of MDs and RNs who presented themselves to help in anyway possible at the site, not to mention the hundreds of medical personnel who were called in to their facilities (I got called in to work at my hospital, told them I was actually on site of the crash, they said "OK, STAY there!" I didn't treat many patients, as there were SO many awesome EMTs, RNs, and others helping out.
I am honored to be a part of the Reno area medical community, and also pleased and honored to be a part of such a fun, dedicated group as Section 3!


Thank you Lisa for being among the first to get in and the last to let go.




Thanks for the info Jeff, Im sorry for all of the trauma caused to all of the spectators and the families of those injured.

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The crash was about 500 yards

The crash was about 500 yards from section 3. I have not heard of anyone from section 3 injured.

Jeff Fillmore

Injuries in Section 3?

This accident is a horrible tragedy, I thank god for the quick response by medical personell and the fact that Jimmy Leeward avoided hitting the main body of the Grandstands. Was anyone from Section 3 injured???