Pictures of the Thunder Mustang crash

Wow, that was a really scary crash to watch. I was elated to see him walking around on the ground surrounded by the firemen shortly before they announced on the PA that he was OK. From my vantage point, I saw it all through my binoculars, except that after the last tumble, it came to rest behind the vertical stabilizer of the L-39 racer #5.

After the rescue vehicles left, I climbed higher in the Section 3 bleachers to get a picture, then later walked to the Jet pits for a few more. I've uploaded them here:

There are also two pictures someone else uploaded of the accident as the plane started to come apart. One of the pictures includes a link to the video of the crash. It is broken, but if you cut and paste it, it works just fine.

Again, I'm soooo glad he is OK.